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Extracurricular Activities

The midshipmen develop their talents through various club activities. The club activities are mainly classified as the "cultural club activities" for emotional growth and the "athletic club activities" for physical discipline. The midshipmen enjoy their activities through the relationship with other university students and the guide of special instructors. They have chances to exert their talents at the "Okpo" festival every autumn. They hold various cultural events‚ many exhibitions and academic meetings through which they introduce their culture to families‚ friends and other students.

Cultural clubs

Literature‚ the Academy Newspaper‚ Album Script‚ Research of Naval Battle History‚ Computing‚ Research of Traditional Culture‚ Eloquence‚ Painting‚ Music‚ Brush‚ Movies‚ Photography‚ Drama‚ Vocal‚ Guitar‚ Cheers‚ Ensign‚ Facilities

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Athletic clubs

Yacht‚ Boating‚ Canoe‚ Wind Surfing‚ Swimming‚ Skin Scuba‚ Water Skiing‚ Taekwondo‚ Judo‚ Fencing‚ Soccer‚ Rugby‚ Basketball‚ Volleyball‚ Tennis‚ American Football‚ Bowling‚ Golf

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