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Annual Events

Induction Ceremony

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The Induction Ceremony for Plebe is held at the end of February of every year. The Induction Ceremony commemorates and acknowledges a regular midshipman as a descendant of Admiral Yi after a special five-week training. During this five–week training, the preliminary midshipmen are reborn as a company–via an education of position conversion and adaptation, and close order drills.

These Plebes will be a bulwark for the 900 miles of coastline of our country, and they will strive to gain a firm and strong leadership, to seek truth, and to train themselves physically.

Honorable Company Commissioning Ceremony
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We select the company which obtained the most remarkable record in studies for a year, home affairs life, and all sorts of competitions and provide various privileges to that company. Through this system, we cultivate a good–natured competitive spirit and physical strength, fostering cooperation, unity, and engagement as a group.

Ring Ceremony
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After completing a strenuous life as a midshipman for 4 years, seniors who are expected to graduate are presented with the graduation ring by juniors at this event.

Deep–red Ruby Ring

This ring symbolizes the Naval Academy misdhipman's honor and truth.

Freshman Transfer Ceremony
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Plebes are called the “Bottom” as a nick-name. At this event, the out–going plebes are promoted to sophomores and, simultaneously, they hand over the duties plebes are in charge of, such as cleaning and meal distribution, to the incoming freshmen. The Bottom is a phase of adaptation for life as a midshipman, and while seemingly strenuous and unfamiliar for the freshmen, it remains as a tradition.

The plebes also get to show off at a talent show. This is a good opportunity for the freshmen to embed their personal images to their senior students.

Graduation and Commissioning Ceremony
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After four grueling years of training and academic work, a new Navy ensign is born. Since the Academy was first established, our Navy has been building its own tradition, which continues today. As such, it Is very meaningful to see every year the commissioning of new ensigns who will continue to hand down our proud naval heritage.

During the Korean war, securing the command of the Yellow Sea and the East Sea saved our country from total defeat. The Inchon landing operation was critical for creating a watershed moment in the war, and the Navy played an important political part by creating a blockade with their ships. The infusion of new blood will bring motivation to the naval forces, and the people of Korea will celebrate the arrival of the new ensigns.

Through graduation and commissioning, and based on our precept of “Let us pursue the truth, Let us forsake the falsehood, and Let us sacrifice ourselves,” the Navy has promoted wisdom, virtue, and integrity to new officers for the past four years, The newly–minted officers promise that “as officers of the Republic of Korea, we will promise integrity to Korea and its people, defending the country and protecting its people and their possessions.”

This event brings together important people, including the President of Korea, major military and education institution, and parents, all of them present to congratulate the midshipmen for the crowning achievement of four years of hard work.

Okpo Festival
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After completing a year of circle activities the midshipman are required to participate in the annual festival, which includes reading of literature and poetry, drama, and display of calligraphy and science projects. The parents and the relatives are sent invitational cards to attend this festival and the academy is open to any civilians.

Memorial Day of Major Yi, Inho
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This event is dedicated to our 11th graduate from the Academy, the late Lieurenant Commander Yi, Inho, who sacrificed himself to save lives of many soldiers during the Vietnam war. Through this event, midshipmen are compelled to develop their understanding of the role of sacrifice as a soldier.

Inter–Academy Athletic Competition
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Ever since the first military Academy Athletic Competition was held on October 5th, 1954, it became an annual sports event. Every year, all three military academies get together for sports competitions. Midshipmen and cadets have built good relationships through such sports events.

The three military academies compete against each other and strengthen their friendship through these sports competitions. By training for these competitions, the cadets and midshipmen build their physical strength, cultivate cooperation and order, and raise spirit and morale.

This annual competition has been held exclusively at the Seoul Sports Complex beginning October 1999, and the Naval Academy is ranked first in soccer and second in rugby, and has won the competition by winning three out of four events.

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